Universal Power Crimper


The Universal Power Crimper is a pneumatic foot-operated tool that crimps wires.  It eliminates slow, costly and fatiguing hand crimping by giving the operator a "third hand" through the use of a foot controlled pneumatic power switch.  Fast and quiet, the operator can, with free hands, concentrate on delicate and accurate crimping.  This tool not only eliminates operator stress and strain (potential medical claims), it reduces production time and losses.

Adaptable and compatible with most manufacturer's tools, the Universal Power Crimper exerts up to 600 lbs. of force, with or without adapters.  It operates over 90% of the industry's existing hand-held crimp tools:

  • TE Connectivity (AMP)
  • Berg
  • ETC-Molex
  • Hollingsworth (Wearns)
  • Molex
  • And more


  • Reduces repetitive stress syndrome
  • Eliminates the tedious burden of manually having to crimp with a hand tool
  • Savings in a labor/time reduction
  • Adapts to just about any crimping tool
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides a uniform, consistent crimp by skilled/unskilled employees
Universal Power Crimper