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ICC is proud to be an authorized Tri-Star Electronics distributor. We work diligently to partner with relevant, innovative manufacturers to streamline your search for quality interconnect products and accessories, which are in stock and ready to ship today.

Tri-Star Carlisle

Tri-Star Electronics has been a provider of the broadest selection of high reliability mil-aero contacts and specialty connectors since 1976.

Included in our selection of Tri-Star contacts is our QPL listed M39029 series. These popular contacts accommodate a variety of gauges and are available in coaxial, crimp, wire-wrap, and thermocouple styles. We can also address your special applications and requirements through custom contact solutions including quadrax, triax, PC tail, and solder cup contacts. Contact us to see how!

In addition to the specifications listed below, we also offer the following: DOD-C-83527, MIL-DTL-12883, MIL-DTL-22992, MIL-DTL-26482 I, MIL-DTL-26500, MIL-DTL-26518, MIL-DTL-55302, MIL-DTL-81511, SAE-29600, SAE-AS81659, SAE-AS81714, and SAE-AS85028.

Featured Tri-Star Electronics Products

  • Expanded Performance Contacts

Expanded Performance Contacts

Carlisle Tri-Star Expanded Performance ContactsDesigned for commercial and military aircraft applications, Carlisle's Tri-Star Expanded Performance Contactst are qualified to military specifications SAE-AS39029/121 and SAE-AS39029/122. These robust contacts meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III (D38999) connectors and are interchangeable with AS39029/56, /57, and /58 contacts.

  • Qualified to 200° C maximum operating temperature
  • Withstands high-impact shock and vibration
  • Available in a wide range of contact sizes (10,12,16,20, 22 and 23) and wire gauges (size 26 and up): Encompasses entire D38999 Connector Series III
  • Interchangeable with AS39029/56, /57 and /58 contacts: Ensures compatibility with existing connectors

Expanded Performance Contact Data Sheet