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ICC is proud to be an authorized TE Connectivity distributor, offering their broad range of Raychem connectors and electronic components for circuit protection, harnessing, insulation, identification, and more.

TE Raychem connectors and accessories serve the needs of many industries, including aerospace, defense, and industrial and commercial transportation.

Included in our Raychem line are AS85049 adapters and band straps for rugged, reliable shield termination. The corrosion-resistant steel bands are available in three widths and a variety of plating options, including black zinc nickel. This system also includes self-coupling locking nuts for improved mechanical protection, as well as side-entry band straps for easy installation and repair.

Raychem / Tyco Electronics

Raychem Products Include:

  • TE Raychem Connectors
  • TE Raychem Backshells
  • TE Raychem Data Bus
  • TE Raychem Solder Sleeves
  • Harnessing & Harness Components
  • Tinel-Lock Adaptors & Rings
  • Electrical Interconnect
  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing
  • Wire & Cable
  • Identification Product
  • Tapes & Adhesives
  • TE Raychem INSTALITE Lightweight Braids
  • TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Bundle Management Sleeves
  • TE Raychem Matched Impedance Splices

Featured TE Raychem Products

  • Harnessing Products
  • P-Clamps
  • INSTALITE Lightweight Braids
  • Matched Impedance Splices
  • INSTALITE Cable Management

TE Connectivity Harnessing & Harness Components

TE Raychem Harnessing & Harness ComponentsA pioneer in the application of radiation crosslinking and the development of heat-shrinkable polymer products, TE Connectivity (TE) offers a broad line of harnessing products for harsh environments. TE's Raychem harnessing line includes heat-shrinkable tubing and molded parts, convoluted tubing, sealing and repair sleeves, and adhesives and sealants.

TE's Raychem tubing is constructed from polyolefins, fluoropolymers, and elastomers that provide reliable insulation, mechanical protection, and strain relief. Heat shrink boots provide simple and effective sealing against high-level EMI and RFI interference, while high-temperature sealing and repair sleeves help extend service life by protecting against moisture, corrosion and mechanical abuse of cables and assembles. Many products are also RoHS-compliant.

Raychem harnessing components serve the needs of many industries, including aerospace, defense, and industrial and commercial transportation.

TE Connectivity P-Clamps
TE Connectivity P-Clamps

Engineered to provide maximum speed, security, and flexibility, TE’s P-Clamps are a next-generation solution for mounting cable harnesses. Compared to standard AS21919 P-clamps, these products offer weight savings and enable tool-free installation earlier in the assembly process.

  • Hardware-free quick-lock mechanism allows clamp to open and close as needed while minimizing risk of FOD
  • Separate mounting and clamping for flexible and modular assembly processes
  • Constructed of lightweight aerospace-grade PEEK polymer - maintains strength of metal without the weight
  • Covers full range of AS21919 clamp sizes in 10 convenient options


 TE Connectivity P-Clamps Brochure

TE Connectivity P-Clamps Brochure



INSTALITE lighweight braids

TE Raychem INSTALITE Braids

TE Connectivity brings you the Raychem INSTALITE lighweight braid -- a solution offering up to 50% weight savings over traditional copper braids, with excellent shielding performance over a wide frequency range. This RoHS-compliant pull-on braid is made from a high-performance nickel-plated copper alloy and provides better low-frequency performance than plated fibers or microfilaments.

Used for military harnesses, unmanned vehicles, commercial aerospace, and a variety of other space applications.

  • Up to 50% lighter than traditional copper braids
  • Superb EMI shielding
    • Wide frequency range
    • Improved low-frequency performance over plated fibers or microfilaments
    • Lightning protection
  • Made from a high-performance nickel-plated copper alloy
  • Cost-effective: Seamless transition from traditional braids
  • Easy to use
    • Provided on former for hassle-free installation on a variety of substances
    • Utilizes existing termination tooling and processes
    • More flexible than traditional metal braids


 TE Raychem INSTALITE Braids brochure

TE Raychem INSTALITE Lightweight
Braids Brochure



TE Connectivity Raychem Matched Impedance Splices

TE Raychem Matched Impedance SplicesTE Connectivity Raychem Matched Impedance Splices address the common challenge of repairing coaxial cables during operational use. These robust splices allow for fast and easy repairs in situ while maintaining characteristic impedance and other electrical properties -- ultimately preventing costly removal and replacement.

Designed to MIL-PRF-32517 performance requirements, TE Connectivity Raychem Matched Impedance Splices are ideal for military and commercial aerospace applications. Part # D-150-Z393

  • Saves time and expense - no need to remove or replace cable
  • Meets MIL-PRF-32517 performance requirements
  • Matches cable's impedance +10%/-3%
  • Provides strain relief and mechanical protection with heat shrink outer layer and thermoplastic adhesive
  • Resistant to fluids and extreme temperatures (-55°C to 150°C)
  • Performs in high EMI, corrosion, and vibration environments


 TE Raychem Matched Impedance Splices Brochure

TE Raychem Matched Impedance
Splices Brochure



TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Bundle Management Sleeves

TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Management SleevesTE Connectivity's Raychem INSTALITE Cable Bundle Management Sleeves offer a lighweight SWaP solution for holding open loom wire bundles together. These flexible sleeves utilize an easy-to-use fishnet construction that saves both weight and installation time. Ideal for commercial air, defense, rail, and industrial applications.

The TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Bundle Management System (CBMS) is equipped with the following features and benefits:


  • Organizes and protects open wire bundles
  • Substantially reduces weight and installation time in comparison to traditional tapes and lacing
  • Generously expands to contain a wide range of cable diameters and long lengths in a single bundle
  • Allows for breakouts and transitions
  • Accommodates standard tooling and equipment
  • Features low-friction abrasion-resistant protection to prevent wire chaffing
  • Resistant to fuels, oils, and greases
  • Performs in -40°C to +150°C temperatures
  • Manufactured with flame-retardant PBT, in conformance with UL 94V-0 requirements

 TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Management Sleeves

TE Raychem INSTALITE Cable Bundle
Management Brochure



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