Molex makes a connected world possible by enabling technology that transforms the future and improves lives.  By continually adapting to help customers advance designs in the areas of greatest impact, we join those who share our mission to create breakthroughs that propel the world forward. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full range of connectivity solutions for markets that include data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.


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Cutting-edge designs that ensure long-term reliability

Molex Fit Family

Power-application customers face choosing between headers with exposed terminals that leave connectors susceptible to damage and large, fully isolated headers that take up too much space. Solving this dilemma, the FiT Families Power Connectors provide design engineers with fully protected header terminals in a small package.

Additionally, when design engineers use multiple headers with the same circuit size on one PCB, assembly becomes complicated due to the risk of mis-mating a receptacle to the wrong header. The FiT Families present different mechanical keying options, enabling customers to reduce the possibility of cross mating while improving assembly speed with color-coding logic

Incorrect connector assembly is another manufacturing risk faced by OEMs. Terminal back-outs can occur, causing end-product failure. However, the FiT Families Connectors offer a terminal position assurance (TPA) feature to reduce terminal back-out by providing locking redundancy and avoid end-product failure. 

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Molex Wireless Application Solutions

Molex AntennasMolex provides extensive experience in antenna technologies from concept-to-completion. Ready-To-Use RF Antennas are compact, high performing and available in multiple form factors for all common antenna protocols and frequencies used in IoT, automotive, industrial and medical applications.

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Off-the-Shelf Cable Assemblies

Molex cable assembliesPrototyping cable assemblies requires tooling to crimp terminals. Therefore, costs generated to prototype a system for UL testing can be significant. Molex off-the-shelf Standard Cable Assemblies help solve tooling start-up costs by providing a completed assembly that meets the IPC-specification design.

Once prototyping is complete, customers typically need to create drawings and assign resources to find a supplier to build cable assemblies for end products. Molex designs off-the-shelf Discrete Cable Assemblies to provide 1-source solutions .This eliminates customers’ design requirements and need to find another vendor to build assemblies.

Various connector challenges can result in end-product failure: mis-mated connectors, terminal backout and other assembly errors. PicoBlade™, Micro-Fit*, Mini-Fit Jr.™ and Ultra-Fit Power Connectors offer premium housing features to prevent mis-mating, reduce terminal backout and reduce operator fatigue during assembly.

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