ICC is an authorized distributor of Glenair commercial and military connectors, backshells and connector accessories designed for mission critical interconnect solutions.

As an authorized distributor, we partner with innovative manufacturers like Glenair to streamline your search for quality interconnect products and accessories. We also build to thousands of connector specifications direct from stock, providing assembly in just five days or less. You'll be amazed how fast your value-added lines are built and shipped.


Glenair offers a broad range of connector products to meet every connector requirement possible. Glenair manufactures high reliability commercial and military grade connectors, including, but not limited to backshells, the Series 80 Mighty Mouse connectors, MIL-C-28840, and accessories.

Glenair Products Include:

  • Glenair Connector Backshells
  • Glenair M83513 Micro-D Connectors
  • Glenair M28840 High Density Connectors
  • Miniature Circular Connectors
  • Filter Connector Capabilities
  • Hermetic Connectors
  • Glenair Subsea and Navy/Shipboard Interconnect Solutions
  • Glenair Optoelectronics/Photonics: Optical transceivers/receiver assemblies, copper-to-fiber media converters, active connectors and cables, and more. Designed for aerospace and other harsh environments.
  • Duraelectric AutoShrink: Designed for rugged weathering and UV/ozone-resistant performance, Glenair AutoShrink is a one-piece solution for Turboflex cable and lug termination, splice insulation, and Duralectric jacketing repair.
  • Glenair STAR-PAN: Integrated Soldier Multiport USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems
  • Glenair Series 107 Braided Ground Straps - Lightweight straps to conduct destructive electrical surges to the ground or to bus bar components capable of absorbing significant transient voltage
  • Glenair SuperNine Advanced Performance D38999-Style Connectors: Glenair’s SuperNine family is the most advanced and comprehensive MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector series. SuperNine exceeds QPL standards with its improved durability and sealing, ease of shield termination, hermetic bulkhead feed-throughs and a wider range of PC tail configurations.

As one of the largest authorized distributors for Glenair, ICC is proud to offer you a comprehensive guide on connector and backshell types, contact arrangements and densities, wire gauges, military specifications, and more. Download the MIL-SPEC Connector Cross-Reference Guide.

Featured Glenair Products

  • Mighty Mouse Connectors
  • MIL-DTL-28840 Connectors
  • Series 970 PowerTrip
  • MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D Connectors

Mighty Mouse Connectors

Mighty Mouse Connectors The Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector is designed for high-reliability aerospace/defense interconnect applications requiring robust environmental performance and reduced size and weight. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector offers virtually equal performance to MIL-DTL-38999 interconnects with up to 71% weight and 52% size savings for similar contact layouts.

Download the Mighty Mouse Series 80 Connectors catalog

The Series 80 Connector was originally developed as a smaller and lighter alternative to D38999 connectors for aerospace applications such as attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Today, the Series 80 Mighty Mouse serves in thousands of safety-critical defense, medical, industrial and geo-physical applications.

The Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector is supplied in six standard designs:

  • Series 800 Light Duty UN Thread
  • Series 801 Heavy Duty Double-Start
  • Series 802 "Aqua Mouse" Harsh Environmental
  • Series 803 Bayonet
  • Series 804 Quick-Disconnect
  • Series 805 Triple-Start

We also carries Series 80 Mighty Mouse tools and accessories and Series 80 Mighty Mouse backshells and accessories.

All the connectors in the Series 80 family are available with rear-release crimp contacts or with PC tail or solder cup terminations. Shell styles, including in-line plugs, square-flange and jam-nut receptacles are available for all types. Integrated banding platforms for EMI shield termination or rear-end threads for backshell accessories are also standard throughout the line.

The Mighty Mouse features #23 contacts to accept #22 to #28 wire. Contact spacing is .076." Size #12, #16 and #20 layouts are now available for higher current requirements and for coaxial and fiber optic contact accommodation. The smaller and lighter Mighty Mouse maintains the same approximate electrical and mechanical performance as larger and heavier Military Standard environmental connectors.

Insert arrangements are available for as few as 1 and as many as 130 contacts.

Mighty Mouse Connectors

Glenair MIL-DTL-28840 Connectors

MIL-DTL-28840 Connectors

MIL-DTL-28840 connectors are the commonly used for shipboard applications and offers a high-density insert arrangement and high-shock performance. The MIL-DTL-28840 features RFI/EMI shielding, scoop-proof shells and corrosion-resistant materials and finishes.

MIL-DTL-28840 circular, threaded coupling connectors feature high contact density, front release crimp contacts, high impact shock resistance, and are designed for use with Navy shipboard cable MIL-C-915, MIL-C-24640, MIL-C-24643 and MIL-W-16878 wire. They are also used in computer systems and land based tactical situations. These connectors offer maximum protection against fuels, oils, coolants and cleansers.

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Glenair Series 970 PowerTrip™ Connectors and Accessories

The Power Connector for Extreme Environments

Gleinair PowerTrip ConnectorThe Series 970 PowerTrip connector is ideal for extreme environment DC, single-phase and three-phase AC power applications. Available in aluminum or stainless steel, the Series 970 PowerTrip connector features a high ampacity louverband socket contact for reduced joule heating and stable resistance, and a splined backshell interface for improved EMI protection.

Series 970 PowerTrip part numbers include 970-001 plugs, 970-003 square flange receptacles, 970-004 jam nut receptacles, 970-005 cable receptacles, 970-006 feed-thru bulkhead, and 970-007 hermetic feed-thru bulkhead in a full range of standard insert arrangements. PowerTrip aluminum shell finishes include electroless nickel, nickel-PTFE, and black zinc-nickel. The Series 970 PowerTrip connector is also available in a passivated stainless steel shell and a stainless steel shell, nickel-PTFE finish.

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Glenair MIL-DTL-83513 (M83513) Micro-D Connectors

Glenair MIL0DTL-83513 Micro-D Connectors Glenair offers a large selection of M83513 connectors in solder cup, pre-wired, and PCB versions. These miniature rectangular D-sub connectors are available with aluminum alloy or plastic shells, along with a variety of plating options.

Every element of the M83513 Micro-D connector is exactly controlled - from terminal spacing to approved wire termination methods. Standardized measurement and test methodologies ensure consistent, predictable performance throughout this broad family of ruggedized connectors. All Glenair M83513 connectors are made in the U.S.A. and use TwistPin Contacts for ultimate performance and reliability in demanding environments.

ICC is now offering T'DA® two-day value-added assembly on most M83513/01 through /09 connectors.

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