Bivar, Inc. is a leading specialty manufacturer of Enclosure Hardware, LED Indication, and LED Lighting products and solutions that enhance the value of high technology. Bivar's products display practicality and are designed to meet the increased demand for new technology across a growing range of applications.

Whether it's a custom solution, off-the-shelf standard, or to help you transition from traditional to more energy efficient, long-lifespan LED lighting, Bivar is known as a trusted provider with a broad range of expertise, and a long-standing history of quality and innovation in the electronics industry. An employee-owned company, Bivar's corporate headquarters is located in Southern California, with manufacturing in Irvine, California, USA, United Kingdom and China.


Featured Bivar Products

  • Panel Mount Indicators
  • Flexible Light Pipe Indicators
  • Rigid Light Pipes

Panel Mount Indicators

Panel Mount IndicatorsBivar's panel mount assemblies are designed for a variety of applications and are available in standard nylon, quick mount polycarbonate, IP67 rated polycarbonate, standard metal, IP67 rated metal and EMC UL rated metal. Bivar's LED assemblies mount and assemble LEDs in any color combination, style and function possible. The precision molded and extruded mounts, together with an LED from our broad range of products, help with better uniformity and simplified display enhancements.

Flexible Light Pipe Indicators

Bivar Flexible Light Pipe IndicatorsBivar's flexible light pipe indicators make routing light through crowded or tight spaces easy and efficient. They provide uniform illumination, wide angle viewing capability, and maximum light transmission, making them well-suited for a range of applications. Designed for use with Bivar SM series surface mount LEDs, vertical and horizontal mounted 3mm and 5mm through hole LEDs, and Orca R series LEDs, all flexible light pipe indicators are available in standard nylon, quick mount flexible polycarbonate and IP67 rated metal.

Rigid Light Pipes

Bivar Rigid Light PipesBivar's rigid light pipes are ideal for applications where an automatically placed LED requires its output directed to a front panel. Light pipes are engineered of 94V-0 compliant clear polycarbonate for maximum light transmission and viewing angle to 120 degrees. Light pipes will also protect circuits from accidental damage from ESD by isolating the PCB from potential contact.