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Times Microwave Systems is a leader in coaxial transmission line technology and production serving military, aerospace, wireless communications and industrial applications. Their engineering expertise combined with a range of manufacturing capabilities in the US and China, Times Microwave Systems address both specialized applications with extremely demanding performance requirements and high volume commercial applications at frequencies from several KHz to 50 GHz.

A division of Amphenol Corporation, Times Microwave Systems is division of one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. Amphenol designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems and coaxial and specialty cable. Amphenol employs more than 38,000 people at over 85 facilities in more than 30 different countries.

  • High-Performance Coaxial Cables
  • EZ Style Connectors
  • "TC" TNC Connectors
  • Tools

High-Performance Coaxial Cables

Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Cables

Available in 50 and 75 Ohm impedances, Times Microwave’s LMR high-performance broadband cables provide low loss and superior RF shielding. These high-performance flexible coaxial communication cables are designed for use in wireless applications such as:

  • Internal component and equipment wiring
  • Inter/intra cabinet jumpers
  • Base station and antenna jumpers
  • Tower and pole feeder runs
  • In-building runs, including riser runs and air-handling plenums
  • Oil & Gas Fields
  • Power Plants
  • Rooftop installations

A full range of LMR cables are available from LMR-100 (0.100") up to LMR-1700-DB (1 1/4"):

  • LMR-75: These are 75 Ohm versions of the standard LMR cable for unsurpassed performance in broadband video and specialized RF applications.
  • LMR-DB: Watertight cables with an inert flooding compound injected in the braid to completely eliminate the possibility of any water migration with a 10 year warranty! The DB feature is optional on sizes 600 and smaller, and standard on sizes 900 and larger.
  • LMR-FR: Fire retardant cable for installation in building vertical risers or where fire retardancy is critical, both UL and CSA listed (CMR/CATVR).
  • LMR-LLPX: cables are the most rugged and easiest to install plenum rated cables available, especially for difficult installs in older buildings. Cables are both UL and CSA listed (CMP/CATVP).
  • LMR Ultraflex: Stranded center conductor and thermoplastic rubber jacket for maximum flexibility

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 Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Cables Catalog

Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Cables Catalog


EZ Style Connectors

Times Microwave EZ Style Connectors

Designed for optimal cable contact, LMR EZ Style connectors use silver- or gold-plated beryllium copper spring contacts in place of traditional solder designs – resulting in optimal cable contact, time savings, and increased performance. Most connectors do not require braid trim.

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 Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog

Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog


"TC" TNC Connectors

Times Microwave TC TNC Connectors

Offered as part of Times Microwave’s LMR line, these miniature waterproof connectors feature a 50 Ohm impedance and are offered in straight, right angle, and reverse polarity interfaces. TNC connectors also feature a threaded coupling to prevent decoupling in vibration-intense applications. Because of their versatility and durability, they are used in a multitude of wireless and broadband applications in the military-aerospace and industrial markets.

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 Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog

Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog



Times Microwave LMR Tools

Designed to simplify cable preparation and end termination of connectors, Times Microwave’s tools are compatible with all crimp-type EZ and solder-type LMR® connectors. Selection includes cable cutting, crimping, combination, strip, and deburr tools, as well as tool kits.

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 Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog

Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Interconnects Catalog