Amphenol Industrial Products Group


ICC is a distributor of Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a leading manufacturer of cylindrical connectors and accessories since 1932. Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.

Products offered by ICC include:

  • MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Connectors
  • 97 Series 5015 Style Connectors
  • MS Series 5015 Connectors
  • PT Series 26482 Connectors

As a distributor dedicated to serving the military and aerospace markets, ICC works to diligently partner with relevant, innovative manufacturers to streamline your search for quality interconnect products.

Amphenol Industrial Operations

Featured Amphenol Industrial Products

  • 97 Series 5015 Style Connectors
  • MS 5015 Connectors

Amphenol 97 Series 5015 Style Connectors

Amphenol Industrial 97 Series ConnectorAmphenol 97 Series 5015 style cylindrical connectors are the most cost-effective 5015 style interconnect solution in the market.

Extremely versatile, Amphenol 97 connectors are available in six shell options, 128 different contact arrangements, 1 to 52 circuits, and one of the largest selections of insert patterns on the connector market.

97 Series connectors are used in a variety of commercial applications, as well as in the automotive, robotics, machine tool, and welding industries. Shell components are made with high-grade aluminum alloy for strength and environmental protection.

Choose from the Amphenol 97 connector in crimp, solder, thermocouple, and PCB contact styles.

Amphenol 97 Series 5015 Style Connectors Brochure

Amphenol Industrial MS 5015 Connectors

Amphenol Industrial MS 5015 Connectors

Amphenol's industry-leading MS 5015 connectors are rugged, versatile, and cost-effective.

These medium-to-heavyweight cylindrical connectors are available in five shell styles, 19 shell sizes, and 5 service classes. In addition, the MS 5015 series offers 286 contact arrangements from 1 to 104 circuits.

Amphenol MS 5015 connectors are used in military ground support and shipboard applications, as well as in robotics, mass transportation, off-road vehicles, motors, and geophysical equipment.

  • Environmental sealing
  • Combined power and signal in one connector
  • Threaded couplings and single key/keyway polarization
  • Over 280 insert patterns for easy customization