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These connectors are available in a wide range of shell materials and finishes. Aluminum shells are offered in electroless nickel and olive drab cadmium. Other finishes such as anodic and zinc cobalt are available upon request to commercial callouts only. In addition, we offer stainless steel shells (both passivated and electro-deposited nickel plated) with firewall inserts, and for highly corrosive environments, nickel-aluminum-bronze shells with standard environment-resisting inserts (commercial callouts only).

In the EN plating process, a chemical reducing agent is the driving force for the reduction of nickel metal ions and their deposition. This driving potential is essentially constant at all points of the surface of the component. Electroless deposits are very uniform in thickness all over the shape and size of the connector. This process offers distinct advantages when plating holes, recesses, internal surfaces, or threaded parts. Distinct advantages of EN plating are:

  • Uniformity of the deposits, even on complex shapes.
  • Deposits are often less porous and thus provide better barrier corrosion protection to steel substrates, much superior to that of electroplated nickel and hard chrome
  • The deposits cause about 1/5th as much hydrogen absorption as electrolytic nickel and about 1/10th as much hard chrome.
  • Deposits can be plated with zero or compressive stress.
  • Deposits have inherent lubricity and non-galling characteristics, unlike electrolytic nickel.
  • Deposits have good wetability for oils
  • In general low phosphorus and especially electroless nickel boron are considered solderable. Mid and high phosphorus EN's are far worse for solderability
  • Deposits are much harder with as-plated microhardness of 450 - 600 VPN which can be increased to 1000-1100 VHN by a suitable heat-treatment
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