June 2017

ICC is proud to be one of the nation's largest full-line distributors for the Glenair Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connector - the shielded environmental connector with mil-spec performance and ultraminiature size.

Smaller. Faster. Lighter.

With Series 80 Mighty Mouse connectors, you get virtually equal performance to
MIL-DTL-38999 interconnects -- with up to 71% weight and 52% size savings for similar contact layouts.

As an authorized Series 80 Mighty Mouse distributor, we offer:

  • Everything Mighty Mouse: Our full line of Series 80 Mighty Mouse items includes six versions of the product, with a variety of styles and features to suit just about any application.

We also carry Mighty Mouse filtered connectors,
in addition to contacts, backshells, cordsets, and
a wide assortment of tools that we stock in our

  • Same-Day Shipping on hundreds of part numbers: As an authorized distributor, ICC stocks a huge selection of Series 80 Mighty Mouse items -- so you can get what you need, fast.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our extensive inventory also allows us to offer competitive pricing.

  • Online Ordering, complete with price and availability
Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors

Mighty Mouse Series 800 Original with UNF Threads

Intended for light and medium duty applications where size, weight and cost outweigh the need for heavier-duty Series 80 versions.
Part Prefix: 800-

Mighty Mouse Series 801 Double-Start ACME Threads

Designed for high-density packaging applications where traditional military circular connectors are too large or too heavy.
Part Prefix: 801-

Mighty Mouse Series 802 Aqua Mouse Connectors

Provide high-pressure sealing and rugged design in a miniature package. Especially suited for geophysical applications and submersible applications.
Part Prefix: 802-

Mighty Mouse Series 803 Bayonet Connectors

Ideal for tactical handheld radios, sensors, test equipment, and autosport equipment. Featuring ¼ turn locking and quick coupling.
Part Prefix: 803-

Mighty Mouse Series 804 Push-Pull/Quick-Disconnect Connectors

Meet immersion requirements and provide excellent durability. Ideal for helmet breakaways, missile applications, and weapon interconnects.
Part Prefix: 804-

Mighty Mouse Series 805 Triple-Start Threaded Connectors

Provide several performance enhancements, including upgraded EMI protection and vibration resistance in a miniaturized package.
Part Prefix: 805-

Mighty Mouse EMI/EMP Filtered Connectors

Designed to meet stringent aerospace performance requirements. Offered with standard low pass Pi or C filter arrays, or with customized filters.
Part Prefix: 240-801-
Other Mighty Mouse Items

Tools, Contacts, Backshells, Accessories, and ASAP Cordsets

Get all the components you need for your Series 80 Mighty Mouse items. We stock a large variety of crimp tools, insertion and extraction tools, and the Band-Master™ ATS Micro Band tool.
Our contacts conform to Aerospace Standard AS39029 and include crimp, PC tail, and solder cup styles.
We also carry a variety of thread-on backshells and adapters, in addition to ASAP cordsets for high-speed ethernet, USB, and firewire applications.

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