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Value-Added Assembly


ICC has a vast inventory – we build thousands of military connectors from stock and provide one of the fastest assembly times in the industry – just 2 days or less, regardless of the time the order is taken.

This includes the following MIL Specifications:

  • MIL-DTL-26482 Series I, MIL-DTL-26482 Series II
  • MIL-DTL-26500
  • MIL-DTL-28840
  • MIL-PRF-28876
  • MIL-DTL-38999 I, MIL-DTL-38999 II, MIL-DTL-38999 III
  • MIL-DTL-5015
  • MIL-DTL-83513
  • MIL-DTL-83723 III

You'll be amazed at how fast your value-added lines are built and shipped.

T'DA Two-Day Assembly

Why Value-Added Assembly?

ICC's Value Added Assembly has evolved over the years and has adapted to fit our customer’s needs. Military connector buyers are faced with sourcing many different parts, which they are required to procure from multiple sources. Military connector distributors are also faced with the challenge of how best to design their inventories to anticipate and meet their customers' requirements, while still providing one-stop shopping, competitive pricing and availability.

ICC meets and delivers on this challenge by assembling Mil-Spec connectors in-house from QPL-manufactured components, a process called Value-Added Assembly. In laymen's terms that means less overhead for us and a lower cost for you.

Whether you need the most common military connector configurations or the most obscure, ICC has the components readily available to assemble.

Most Popular Mil-Spec Lines Offered By ICC:

Our value-added T'DA assembly process ensure that you get your Mil-Spec connectors in two days or less.

MIL-SPEC Description Part Number Designation T'DA
MIL-*-12883 Relay Sockets M12883/40 and /41, M12883/44 thru /56
MIL-*-22520 Crimp Tools / Dies / Positioners M22520/1 thru M22520/44
MIL-*-22992 Heavy Duty - Cylindrical MS17340 thru MS17350, MS18062, MS90555 thru MS90569
MIL-*-23053 Insulation Sleeving M23053/1 thru /18
MIL-*-23329 Radio Frequency ( RF ) Connector M23329/1 thru M23329/5
MIL-*-24308 D-Subminiature M24308/1 thru M24308/28
MIL-*-24758 Shielding, Conduit and Fittings M24758/1 thru M24758/19
MIL-*-26482 Series 1 Miniature - Circular MS3110 thru MS3128, MS3180 thru MS3181, MS3440 thru MS3449 T'DA
MIL-*-26482 Series 2 Miniature - Circular MS3470 thru MS3479 T'DA
MIL-*-26500 Circular, Medium Size MS24264 thru MS24266 T'DA
MIL-*-28748 Rectangular, Rack and Panel M28748/1 thru M28748/14
MIL-*-28840 High Density - Circular and Accessories M28840/1 thru M28840/30 T'DA
MIL-*-28876 Fiber Optic - Circular and Accessories M28876/1 thru M28876/29 T'DA
MIL-*-29504 Fiber Optic Termini M29504/01 thru M29504/15
MIL-*-32139 Nanominature - Rectangular M32139/01 thru 04
MIL-*-38999 Series I, II, III and IV Miniature - Circular, High Density MS27466 thru MS27661, M38999/9 thru M38999/10, D38999/20 thru 33, D38999/40 thru /49 T'DA
MIL-*-39012 Coaxial - Radio Frequency ( RF ) M39012/01 thru M39012/128
MIL-*-39016 Electromagnetic Relays M39016/6 thru M39016/32, M39016/34 thru M39016/38, M39016/40 thru M39016/45, M39016/53 thru M39016/54
MIL-*-39029 Electrical - Contacts, Contact Adapters M39029/1 thru M39029/114
MIL-*-49142 Triaxial - Radio Frequency ( RF ) M49142/03 thru M49142/12
MIL-*-5015 Circular MS3100 thru MS3459, MS25042 thru MS25043, MS25183 T'DA
MIL-*-55116 Miniature - Audio M55116/1 thru M55116/14
MIL-*-55181 Power, Audio M55181/1 thru M55181/8
MIL-*-55302 Printed Circuit Board - Rectangular M55302/55 thru /66, M55302/117 thru /119, /138 and /139, /191 thru /193
MIL-*-55339 Coaxial - Radio Frequency ( RF ) M55339/01 thru M55339/53
MIL-*-5757 Electromagnetic Relays M5757/1, M5757/7 AND /8, M5757/10, M5757/13, M5757/23, M5757/29
MIL-*-6106 Electromagnetic Relays M6106/9 thru /13, M6106/15, M6106/19 thru /20, M6106/26, M6106/31-33, M6106/38-41, M6106/43, M6106/48
MIL-*-7928 Terminals, Lug: Splices, Conductor: Crimp Style M7928/1, M7928/4 thru M7928/7, M7928/13, MS17143-, MS20659-, MS25036-
MIL-*-81511 High Density - Circular M81511/01 thru M81511/56
MIL-*-81714 Terminal Junction M81714/1 thru M81714/69
MIL-*-81969 Tools, Insertion - Extraction M81969/1 thru M81969/39
MIL-*-83513 Rectangular, Micro Miniature M83513/01 thru M83513/33 T'DA
MIL-*-83519 Shield Terminator, Solder SAE-AS83519/1-1 thru SAE-AS83519/2-20
MIL-*-83522 Fiber Optic Connector ( ST ) M83522/16 thru M83522/17
MIL-*-83536 Relays, Electromagnetic, 25 Amperes and Below M83536/1 thru M83536/2, M83536/5 thru M83536/6, M83536/9 thru M83536/13, M83536/15 thru M53536/26, M83536/32 thru M83536/37
MIL-*-83723 Series III Circular M83723/16 thru M83723/26, M83723/65 thru M83723/98 T'DA
MIL-*-85049 Connector Accessories M85049/1 thru M85049/147
MIL-*-85528 Mounting Plates M85528/1 thru M85528/3
NAVSEA 5617 Heat Shrink Kits and Adapters 5617635- thru 5617942-XXXX
WC-596 Connector, Electrical, Power WC596/11 thru WC596/18, WC596/26, WC596/29, WC596/33, WC596/35 thru 212

T'DA = two-day assembly for listed mil-spec lines.