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Newsletter September 2018

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ICC is an authorized distributor for Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC), a leading manufacturer and supplier of application tooling for the aerospace and defense, aircraft, and electronics industries.

We offer DMC's full line of products, including insertion and extraction tools qualified to M81969 and crimp tools and accessories (including pneumatic crimp tools) qualified to M22520 specifications. Our selection also includes contact gages, connector backshell tooling, wire strippers, Safe-T-Cables, and tensile test equipment.
Featured Products
Contact Insertion and Extraction Tools
DMC offers a wide variety of metal insertion and extraction tools for use in MIL-SPEC circular connectors, D-Subminiature connectors, and more. These tools withstand thousands of contact insertion and removal cycles and are available with color coding and replaceable tips.

Part Prefix M81969/
MIL-SPEC Style Crimp Tools
Manufactured to the highest standards of precision and quality, DMC's extensive selection of crimp tools includes standard and miniature, pneumatic, hydraulic, circular indent, and open indent designs. The tools are equipped with features like precision ratchets and indent configurators to assure an accurate crimp every time.
Part Prefix M22520/
Crimp Tool Accessories
Designed to assure maximum tensile strength and clean termination, DMC's positioners adapt the tool frames to specific contact and wire combinations.
Part Prefix M22520/
Die Assemblies
Die assemblies aid termination and facilitate reliable connections. Constructed from durable high-carbon steel, the dies are interchangeable and customizable to specific requirements.
Part Prefix M22520/
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