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Newsletter November 2017

November 2017

Proud Supplier to Our U.S. Navy and its Subcontractors 

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When it comes to shipboard connectors, we know the ropes - that's why we're the largest distributor of shipboard products from Glenair, the leader in harsh environment naval interconnect solutions. Our extensive inventory of Glenair shipboard connectors, accessories, and cable management solutions have played a vital role in the naval systems shipbuilding industry for over 30 years.

Here's just a sample of our offering:  

Outstanding repositionable backshells for harsh environment applications 

The Glenair Series 390 BacNav OFS is the only fully sealed EMI/RFI backshell and strain relief device in the industry that delivers fast and easy cable angle configuration - using a common 7/64" hex wrench, and without decoupling from the connector and/or cable.
  • Sealed, flexible EMI/RFI backshell repositions from straight, 45° and 90° cable-exit orientations - no impact on signal integrity or performance
  • Submersible without need for shrink boots
  • Available for a broad range of power, signal, and fiber optic connector systems -- including MIL-PRF-28876 and MIL-PRF-64266 (fiber optics) to MIL-DTL-28840, AS50151, and more.
  • Part Prefixes: 390A, 390G, 390H & 320H
NAVSEA-Approved Shielded Composite Junction Boxes

Durable, lightweight, corrosion-free EMI/RFI shielded composite junction boxes

Qualified to NAVSEA standard drawing 803-6983506 Rev. A, Glenair's NAVSEA-approved signal, switch, sound power, control boxes are designed to eliminate corrosion damage and reduce maintenance costs on Navy ships.  
  • Unlimited corrosion resistance compared to metal junction boxes - reduction in repair and maintenance costs
  • Over a dozen different tooled sizes and shapes
  • Extremely durable high-temperature engineering composite thermoplastic
  • Series 316 stainless steel hardware for long-term durability
  • Tested and qualified to U.S. Navy, UK MOD, and hundreds of commercial aircraft and marine applications
  • Part Prefix: 803-6983506 Rev A

Series 107 Braided Ground Straps 
For submarine equipment grounding and bus bar applications

Made to government specifications, Glenair's Series 107 braided ground straps prevent damage in the event of exposure to depth charges. Equipment is safely electrically grounded and able to float while staying separate from adjacent surroundings. Ground straps can also be utilized as flexible power conductors connected to bus bars.
  • Highly flexible and conductive for equipment grounding and bus bar power connections
  • Advanced metal-clad microfilament
  • Extremely heavy-duty variants for electrical potential grounding from engines, starters, and power units
  • Low-profile nickel-plated copper lugs with configurable mounting hole size options
  • Variety of lengths available, from 3 to 36 inches
  • Part Prefixes: 107-0, 107-1 & MS24749
Series 75 Helical Metal-Core Conduit and Adapters 
The ultimate in highly flexible, crush-proof EMI/EMP protection 

Glenair Series 75 wire protection conduit systems are qualified to US Navy MIL-PRF-24758A(SH) specifications and encompass the best in CRES, nickel-iron, and Bluejacket systems.
  • Choice of brass, stainless steel, and nickel iron alloy
  • Turnkey, factory-terminated assemblies for landing gear and other rugged aerospace applications. User-installable configurations also available.
  • Superior EMC performance, crush resistance, and hermetic sealing
  • Innovative stainless steel fittings with advanced environmental sealing, EMI shield termination, and rotatable coupling nut
  • Adapters for all shipboard interfaces - fully compatible with legacy MIL-C-24758 conduit system components
  • Part Prefixes M24758/, EM0, 750-19, 712-1, 712-3 & 712-8