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July 2020

As an authorized distributor for Smiths Interconnect, ICC provides a variety of customized, technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, and microwave & RF products for the harsh environment market.

June 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned ICC website, with numerous features to enhance your shopping experience – including parametric search, detailed product information, quote-to-order capability, and BOM upload.

May 2020

The innovative LMR® line from Times Microwave addresses today’s demand for higher interconnect density in the wireless market. Our selection includes LMR flexible coaxial cables, multi-port microwave connectors, and an assortment of tools.

April 2020

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' Johnson, Omega, and Trompeter brands support the most demanding applications in military and aerospace, telecommunications, and more. Our selection includes coaxial and MIL-DTL-26500-qualified connectors.

February 2020

Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, SOURIAU's 8D Series hermetic connectors feature glass-to-metal seal technology to counter leaks and extreme changes in temperature and pressure.

January 2020

From nano and micro to D-Subminiature connectors, Glenair manufactures all of the popular industry-standard rectangular connectors used in military and aerospace applications. Selection includes filter and hermetic versions.

December 2019

We offer a wide range of Amphenol Aerospace solutions, including MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, and III, MIL-DTL-26482 Series II, board-to-board, rack and panel, fiber optic, and filtered connectors, as well as high-speed, high-frequency contacts.

November 2019

Black zinc nickel-plated (Class Z) connectors and backshells from TE Connectivity are RoHS-compliant and provide the same superior corrosion resistance and operating temperature range as cadmium finishes.

October 2019

We are proud to offer cutting-edge interconnect solutions from TE Connectivity, with products that perform in the harshest environments. TE's portfolio includes some of the most respected brands in the industry, including AMP, DEUTSCH, and Raychem.

September 2019

ICC offers an extensive portfolio of coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, passive components, and related solutions from Amphenol RF and Amphenol SV Microwave – world leaders in RF & microwave interconnects.

August 2019

Our Amphenol Canada Military & Aerospace portfolio includes rack & panel connectors, filter connectors, and QPL-qualified Micro-D connectors that meet M83513 specifications. We also offer a variety of integrated panels, backshells, and other accessories.

July 2019

ICC is an authorized distributor for Trompeter, a brand of Cinch Connectivity Solutions and a global leader in RF interconnect solutions. Trompeter products deliver superior signal integrity for demanding applications in military and aerospace, telecom, broadcast, and instrumentation.

June 2019

ICC is proud to be a QPL'd authorized, value-added distributor for Amphenol Aerospace, the industry leader in D38999 connectors.

May 2019

Amphenol Aerospace's heavy-duty Class L connectors are qualified to MIL-DTL-22992 specifications and support electrical loads of 40-200 amperes. Find out how these connectors can help with high-power military or industrial applications.

April 2019

We are proud to be a full-line distributor for Glenair’s Series 80 Mighty Mouse connectors. These robust connectors feature virtually equal performance to MIL-DTL-38999, with up to 71% weight and 52% size savings.

March 2019

An authorized distributor for Glenair, ICC is proud to offer you a comprehensive guide on connector and backshell types, contact arrangements and densities, wire gauges, military specifications, and more.

February 2019

ICC offers a variety of harsh environment fiber optic interconnect solutions from Amphenol Fiber Systems International. Included in our selection are value-added M28876 connectors and dust covers, M29504 termini, M83522 MIL-ST connectors and adapters, and LC Field connectors.

January 2019

We are pleased to introduce T'DA 2-day assembly on Glenair's MIL-DTL-83513 (M83513) Micro-D connectors. These high-shock/high-vibration connectors feature outstanding mating performance and high-density TwistPin contacts.

November 2018

ICC is proud to offer Glenair's full line of Series 970 PowerTrip connectors and accessories. These military-grade connectors are available in aluminum or stainless steel and are ideal for extreme environment DC, single-phase, and three-phase AC power applications.

October 2018

As an authorized distributor of Delta Electronics products, ICC is proud to offer one of the industry's most comprehensive lines of radio frequency (RF) connectors, adapters, and accessories supporting DC-65 GHz and beyond.

September 2018

We offer the full line of products from Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC), a leading manufacturer and supplier of application tooling for the aerospace and defense, aircraft, and electronics industries.

June 2018

We are pleased to announce that as of August 1, 2018, our Interstate Connecting Components (ICC) headquarters will have completed its move to the building next door, only 100 yards away! Featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, the new building will include a larger distribution center, production facility, and corporate office.

April 2018

We support a variety of sensor solutions specifically designed for military, aerospace, and other harsh environments. Our selection ranges from standard off-the-shelf sensors to customized solutions for the most challenging applications.

March 2018

ICC is now a distributor for over 150 manufacturers. You can now find suppliers listed by product type. In addition, our MIL-SPEC chart lets you easily locate the harsh environment connectors you need for your application.

Februrary 2018

ICC stocks a broad range of cable management products from TE Connectivity (TE), including lightweight tubing, molded shapes, braids, and other products for harsh environments. Our selection also includes TE's Raychem INSTALITE items, designed to save weight and installation time.

November 2017

Our extensive inventory of Glenair shipboard connectors, accessories, and cable management solutions have played a vital role in the naval systems shipbuilding industry for over 30 years. Learn more about our Glenair subsea and Navy/shipboard interconnect solutions.

October 2017

ICC is an authorized distributor for several Amphenol Divisions, including Amphenol Aerospace, Amphenol Fiber Systems International, Amphenol NEXUS, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol Industrial Products Group, and Amphenol RF. We are proud to provide leading edge interconnect solutions for a wide range of applications.

August 2017
As an authorized Carlisle Tri-Star distributor, we offer QPL-listed M39029 contacts as well as commercial contacts. ICC is also proud to introduce Tri-Star's expanded performance contacts, qualified to SAE-AS39029/121 and SAE-AS39029/122 and designed to match the rugged performance of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors.

June 2017

ICC offers a full line of Series 80 Mighty Mouse items includes six versions of the product, with a variety of styles and features to suit just about any application. We also carry Mighty Mouse filtered connectors, in addition to contacts, backshells, cordsets, and a wide assortment of tools that we stock in our warehouse.