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T'Da! M28876 Fiber Optic Connectors now Value-Added!

Great news! ICC is now qualified to assemble M28876 fiber optic connectors! We will have stock to build all M28876 configurations - whether common or uncommon - in just two days! T'Da!

Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) manufactures a complete line of circular fiber optic connectors designed and qualified to MIL-PRF-28876, Rev. E. These connectors are precision-machined to stringent tolerances and designed to provide superior optical performance in extreme environmental conditions.

The backshells feature the Quickloc™ captivation system developed by Amphenol Fiber Systems International. Not only is a backshell simple to install, it is also easy to remove the captivated aramid yarn of the cable and recapture without cutting back the cable. The Quickloc™ backshell also allows easy access for maintenance or reconfiguration of termini without altering the captivated aramid fiber.

Check it out for yourself - simply visit our website, enter your M28876 part number, and get real-time pricing and availability!

M28876 Wall Mount

Wall Mounts

MIL-SPEC Strain Relief
M28876/1 None
M28876/2 Straight
M28876/3 45 Degree
M28876/4 90 Degree

M28876 Plug


MIL-SPEC Strain Relief
M28876/6 None
M28876/7 Straight
M28876/8 45 Degree
M28876/9 90 Degree

Jam Nut Connector

Jam Nuts

MIL-SPEC Strain Relief
M28876/11 None
M28876/12 Straight
M28876/13 45 Degree
M28876/14 90 Degree

M28876 Straight Backshell


MIL-SPEC Strain Relief
M28876/27 Straight
M28876/28 45 Degree
M28876/29 90 Degree


M29504 Termini

MIL-SPEC Description
M29504/03 Dummy Termini
M29504/04 Termini
M29504/05 Termini
M29504/14 Pin Termini
M29504/15 Socket Termini


ST Connectors

MIL-SPEC Description
M83522/16 DNX, DNY
M83522/17 17-NY

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