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ICC Military Connectors
Circular Military Connectors - D38999, M28840, MS3400

Circular Military Connectors

Circular military connectors and accessories, including MIL-C-38999 and MIL-C-5015 mil-spec connectors, solder type MS3100 series connectors, circular front release MIL-C-28840 Connectors with crimp contacts, micro miniature connectors and much more. Use in military hardware and military aeronautics. Typical applications include use for power, high vibration, and engine designs.


MIL-DTL-38999 I

MIL-DTL-38999 II





Rectangular Military Connectors

Multi-pin D-Sub rectangular connectors are used when space is a primary concern. Rectangular power connectors do not provide as much environmental protection as circular connectors. Typical applications include use for power, high vibration, and engine designs. Mil-Spec and Commercial.



Fiber Optic Military Connectors

ICC provides military connector solutions for communications systems based on fiber optic interconnect technology. TFOCA-II®, M83522, M29504, and M28876 are the global standards in the military marketplace.




RF Connectors

Radio frequency connectors are specialized devices used to terminate and interconnect coaxial cables which carry high frequency signals. ICC is a full line distributor of UG, or Union Guide, connectors and 2 lines of Mil-Spec RF connectors. Typical applications include use in aviation and military equipment applications and general electronic testing equipment.



Military Connectors

...for your mission-critical applications

Military connectors are built in accordance with military specifications. Their rugged design takes into account the need to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications. ICC is an authorized valued-added distributor of a range of MIL-SPEC connector series and is QPL'd to assemble and stock over 100,000 military connector configurations.

You can depend on ICC to provide you with military connectors for your mission-critical applications.

Services that keep customers coming back to ICC



ICC will build and ship all of its value-added lines of military connectors two days after the day an order is placed, regardless of the time the order is taken.


ICC is a government-approved QPL'D connector assembly facility. That means we stock the components and assemble the finished mil-spec connector. This means less overhead for us and less cost for you!

Military Connector Line

Mil-Spec Series Designation
MIL-C-21097 M21097/11 - M21097/21
MIL-C-22520 M22520/1 - M22520/36
MIL-C-22992 MS17340 - MS17350
MS90555- MS90569
MIL-I-23053 M23053/2 - M23053/18
MIL-C-23329 M23329/1 - M23329/5
MIL-C-24308 M24308/1 - M24308/28
MIL-C-24368 M24368/1 - M24368/6
MIL-PRF-24758 M24758/1 - M24758/19
MIL-C-25036 MS25036-101 - MS25036-159
MIL-DTL-25516 M25516/19 - M25516/20
MIL-C- 26482 I MS3110 - MS3128
MS3180 - MS3181
MS3440 - MS3449
MIL-C-26482 II MS3470 - MS3479
MIL-C-26500 MS24264 - MS24266
MIL-C-27599 MS20026 - MS20029
MS27334 - MS27342
MIL-DTL-28748 M28748/1 - M28748/14
MIL-C-28754 M28754/6 - M28754/101
MIL-DTL-28804 M28804/1 - M28804/11
MIL-C-28840 M28840/1 - M28840/30
MIL-PRF-28876 M28876/1 - M28876/29
MIL-DTL-38999 I
MIL-DTL-38999 II
MS27466 - MS27661
M38999/9 - M38999/10
MIL-DTL-38999 III D38999/20 - D38999/33
MIL-DTL-38999 IV D38999/40 - D38999/49
MIL-PRF-39012 M39012/01 - M39012/128
MIL-PRF-39016 M39016/6 - M39016/55
MIL-C-39029 M39029/01 - M39029/107
MIL-C-49142 M49142/03 - M49142/12
MIL-C-5015 MS3100 - MS3459
MS25042 - MS25183
MIL-C-55116 M55116/1 - M55116/14
MIL-DTL-55181 M55181/1 - M55181/8
MIL-DTL-55302 M55302/1 - M55302/193
MIL-PRF-55339 M55339/01 - M55339/53
MIL-PRF-6106 M6106/9 - M6106/48
MIL-C-81511 M81511/01 - M81511/56
MIL-C-81659 M81659/29 - M81659/72
MIL-C-81703 MS3130 - MS3148
MIL-T-81714 M81714/1 - M81714/69
MIL-C-81969 M81969/1 - M81969/39
MIL-DTL-83503 M83503/6 - M83503/25
MIL-DTL-83513 M83513/01 - M83513/27
MIL-C-83517 M83517/1 - M83517/10
MIL-C-83522 M83522/16 - M83522/17
MIL-DTL-83723 I M83723/01 - M83723/14
MIL-DTL-83723 II M83723/17 - M83723/26
MIL-DTL-83723 III M83723/65 - M83723/98
MIL-C-83733 M83733/1 - M83733/17
MIL-PRF-85045 M85045/13 - M85045/20
MIL-C-85049 M85049/1 - M85049/96
MIL-C-85528 M85528/1 - M85528/3
NAVSEA 5617 5617635 - 5617942

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