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June 2016

Proud Supplier to Our U.S. Navy

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When it comes to shipboard connectors, we know the ropes. For over 30 years, our shipboard connectors, accessories, and tools have played a vital role in the naval systems shipbuilding industry.
MIL-DTL-28840 Shipboard Connectors 

Commonly used for shipboard applications, these connectors feature high-density insert arrangements and high-shock performance. 
  • M28840/10 Flange Mounts
  • M28840/11 Cable Connectors
  • M28840/12 Box Mounts
  • M28840/14 Jam Nuts
  • M28840/16 Plugs
  • Straight, 45, and 90 Degree Connector and Adapter Assemblies

SuperSeal™ Ruggedized RJ45 and USB Connectors for Naval Applications 

Ruggedized 28840-type connectors equipped with USB or RJ45 inserts for superior IP67 sealing in unmated conditions.
  • 900-320 RJ12 Coupler Connectors
  • 900-300 RJ45 Coupler Connectors
  • 900-301 RJ45 Connectors with Crimp Removable Size 22 Contacts
  • 900-340 USB 2.0 Type A Couplers
  • 900-345 Couplers with USB to Crimp Removable Size 22 Contacts

MIL-DTL-5015 Front Release Shipboard  Connectors

The 5015 is the workhorse connector of the military-aerospace industry, and is widely used in shipboard applications. We are the largest stocking distributor of MIL-DTL-5015 front release connectors.
  • MS3400 Wall Mounts
  • MS3401 Cable Connectors
  • MS3402 Box Mounts
  • MS3404 Jam Nuts 
  • MS3406 Plug Connectors
  • MS3412 Threaded Box Mount
  • Straight, 45 and 90 Degree Connector and Adapter Assemblies

MIL-PRF-28876 Fiber Shipboard Connectors

M28876 fiber optic connectors have become the industry standard for Navy applications. These connectors are precision-machined to stringent tolerances and designed to provide superior optical performance in extreme environmental conditions.
  • M28876/1 thru /4 Wall Mounts
  • M28876/6 thru /9 Plugs
  • M28876/11 thru /14 Jam Nuts
  • M28876/27 thru /29 Backshells
  • M29504/ Termini
  • M83522/ ST Connectors
Shipboard Backshells and Accessories
M85049 and M28840 backshells, strain reliefs, dustcaps, and more
  • Potting Boot Rings
  • Shrink Boot Adapters
  • Environmental Strain Reliefs
  • Non-Environmental Strain Reliefs
  • Protective Covers/Dust Caps

Series 390 BacNav OFS™ 45° and 90° Backshells
The only fully-sealed EMI/RFI backshell and strain relief device that delivers fast and easy cable angle configuration
  • Environmentally-sealed EMI-shielded core to facilitate cable routing
  • Innovative locking pivot for fast and easy repositioning - adjusts to straight, 45°, and 90° cable angles with zero impact on signal integrity or system performance


Shipboard Conduit and Fittings
Designed to shield cables from electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic pulse, and harsh environments
  • Tested and Qualified in Accordance with MIL-C-24758(SH) Specifications
  • Flexible Metal Core Conduit
  • Straight, 90°, and 45° Fittings
  • Adapters

Interstate Connecting Components 
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