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August 2014 Newsletter

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August 2014

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Capabilities Brochure

ICC is proud to be an authorized value-added distributor for Conesys J-Tech military and commercial connectors.

Two-Day Assembly ! As a value-added distributor, we can build and ship your J-Tech MIL-DTL-5015 connectors from stock in only two days or less. Visit our J-Tech page now to view our selection and request a quote .  


MIL-DTL-5015: The Mil-Aero Industry's Workhorse Connector.


J-Tech Conesys MIL-DTL-5015 Rear Release 

MIL-DTL-5015 Rear Release

(MS3450* - MS3459*)


Classes: KT, KS, L, LS, W

  • Threaded coupling
  • Environmental sealing
  • Shipboard, ground, and aircraft applications
  • Rear-removable crimp contacts
  • Available in aluminum and stainless materials



J-Tech Conesys MIL-DTL-5015 Front Release 

MIL-DTL-5015 Front Release

(MS340* - MS341*)


Classes: D, DJ, DS, DJS, L, W, U


  • Threaded coupling
  • Environmental sealing
  • Shipboard and ground applications
  • Front-removable crimp contacts
  • Available in aluminum and stainless materials 


Did you know...

The blue bands you see around military connectors indicate that they are rear release. This means that the contacts are removed by inserting a contact removal tool from the rear of the connector.
RJ45 Rugged Ethernet Connectors (RoHS Options Available)


J-Tech Conesys JTRJ45 Plugs 

JTRJ45 Plugs

  • Compatible with industry-standard RJ45 cord sets
  • Easy to assemble
  • Full shielding capabilities
  • No special tools required for cable termination
  • Choose from cadmium or nickel, size 12 or 16


  J-Tech Conesys JTRJ45 Receptacles 

JTRJ45 Receptacles

  • Jam nut, wall mounts, and in-line
  • Available with inserts grounded to shell
  • Many plating and shielding options
  • Choose from cadmium or nickel, size 12 or 16

Introducing J-Tech Harsh Environment

USB Connectors!


(Part # Prefix JTU)




These rugged connectors are compatible with industry-standard USB

cord sets and do not require any special tools for cable termination.

RoHS plating options available.



J-Tech Conesys JTRJ45 Backshell Assemblies 

JTRJ45 Backshell Assemblies

  • Exceeds IP67 rating for sealing
  • High vibration and shock
  • >500 mating cycles
  • -40° to +85 °C
  • Choose from cadmium or nickel, size 12 or 16


  J-Tech Conesys JTRJ45 Dust Caps 

JTRJ45 Dust Caps

  • Includes metal and self-closing caps
  • Choose from cadmium or nickel, size 12 or 16






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